VS IP Monitor Changelog

1.14.00 2019-5-12
- Added optional Ping Send Data Size.
- Minor cosmetic fixes 2018-9-27
- Disabled VS IP Monitor preventing OS shutdown
- Added more parameters to Message Box notifications
- Added {MsgBox} parameter to Execute custom application
- Changed time format from US to International
- Changed in File Notification parameter %time to %timedate
- Deleted run on startup check box feature. If you are reinstall to this version and you have checked run on startup just run regedit.exe and remove name VS IP Monitor values in:
or use old version of VS IP Monitor to removal run on startup.
- Allowed only *.vsipmonbak backup file extension. If you have .ini file just rename extension to *.vsipmonbak
- Added uninstall icon
- Corrected Log File format. IP_STATUS added to end of line
- Removed IP ERROR check box from File Notification.
- Added all Box Design->Skins Support for non-admin accounts.
If you don't have default skins, just Reset Config Files in non-admin account.
For How? See VS IP Monitor Help.
- Changed backup file extension from *.ini to *.vsipmonbak
- Fixed few Stability issues
- Fixed Writing speed Box(Mon) to INI file
- Fixed Missing log records
- Added HTTPS Support for URL Method
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